CPPS Certification


To become a certified professional pet sitter the industry requires knowledge and understanding in four different areas: Pet Care, Health, Sanitation and Safety. This is to ensure that no matter what arises while your pet is in our care, we're prepared and ready to take action! 

Care: The pet care portion includes knowledge of canine and feline behavior along with body language—just as we communicate our needs, our pets also communicate theirs and at Fur Baby Comfort & Care it's our job to understand exactly what your pet is saying.

Health: When it comes to food and health, your fur baby's exercise is just as important as your own! We have mastered the knowledge of both canine and feline dietary and exercise needs, understanding the basic anatomy, growth and development stages of your pet—making us the perfect pet sitters at any stage in your fur baby's life! With knowledge of collar and leash types, litter variations and common diseases, we're able to step in and recognize the best solution for you and your pet and form a client-specific plan. And, in the case of an emergency, we're licensed in animal first aid and Head-to-Tail checks, allowing us to catch any signs of illness or injury and be proactive in a given situation.

Sanitation: Sanitation knowledge allows us to identify common pet parasites and contain any diseases, meeting all sanitation requirements in the process. It's important to us that not only your pet is safe from disease, but all other animals in the area!

Safety: When providing pet care in-home or traveling with your pet we are trained in the highest standards of safety—as animal lovers we know how much your fur baby means and the importance of keeping them safe while in our care!