About Us

A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart


Our Inspiration

Fur Baby Comfort & Care was inspired by the owner’s rescue dog, Chloe. Chloe is a German Shorthaired Pointer who came from a kenneled life and had to be taught to overcome her fears of the real world. You can lean more about Chloe’s story here.


Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know my pet is being taken care of?

During your pet’s visit we send digital updates to your phone or email, so you can ensure that we are there when we say we are! In addition we offer an interactive schedule with updates and virtual maps.

What makes Fur Baby Comfort & Care unique?

Fur Baby Comfort & Care stands out from other animal care services because we bring a level of passion and commitment to every visit that you won’t find elsewhere. Our company was started by an animal lover with rescue pets of her own who wanted to create a service that provides pets with the best care possible and pet owners peace-of-mind.

Why pet sitting over boarding?

Aside from avoiding unnecessary stress and travel trauma associated with an owner’s absence, pet sitting provides an uninterrupted diet and exercise schedule and an overall comforting experience.

How do I know I can trust Fur Baby Comfort & Care?

Every team member is not only certified and trained, but bonded and insured as well. Each team member has also been fully vetted and background checked. In addition, clients will receive a folder at their meet and greet with copies of certifications